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Rick Crittenden: Blog

A friend who is a music producer recently sent me a link to a product called, "Jaco".  This product is a set of bass guitar samples capitalizing on the historical impact of Jaco Pastorius.  There is nothing unusual about digitally sampled instruments; it has become a huge industry and the technology has grown significantly as memory has gotten compact and inexpensive.
What is unusual, and I think bordering on unethical, is naming the product "Jaco".  Instrument samples have never been personalized before, they have been generic; such as strings or bassoon.  Here, they have sampled a Fender Jazz bass with Rotosound round wound strings and had professional programmers, laboriously creating demo sequences that emulate the playing style of Jaco Pastorius.
I don't know if they have made a compensatory arrangement with Jaco's family, or not.  In any case, it strikes me as inappropriate to name the product anything but "fretless bass guitar samples".

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