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Rick Crittenden: Music

Entheogen Episodes Opus 21 for Clarinet, Marimba and Cello

(Rick Crittenden/composer, Julia Heinen/clarinet, John Magnussen/marimba, Matt Cooker/cello)
November 18, 2014

Entheogen Episodes Program Notes

A young man, ambitious to achieve great things and be admired and respected, hears of a wise man who reveals the secrets of the universe. The opportunity to meet this man comes his way. The wise man explains that he must take a special medicine and prepare himself properly, first.

Movement 1 Preparation - He is instructed to sit comfortably and reflect.

Movement 2 Dreaming - Soon he is carried away as his thoughts move from peaceful reverie to complex visions of worlds within worlds, circles within circles.

Movement 3 Expanding Thresholds – He was beginning to think he understands the nature of things when suddenly the walls of his perception begin moving ever outward. The confidence and comfort of comprehension begin to be overwhelmed by the awareness of the unimaginably vast universe, and though knowledge of its workings is interesting, he is terrified by looking back at himself from so far away. He sees himself as a spec of dust in relation to what he has been shown. As he returns to the familiar world, he realizes that he no longer wants power and influence, but rather, the comfort of friends, family, and Love.